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Influence of Storage Condition on Flexure Properties of Nano-Composite

Objective: To evaluate the flexure strength and flexure modulus of the nano-filled dental composite after different storage conditions. Introduction Resin-based composite (RBC) restorations are widely used in dental practice. The improved physical and mechanical properties of RBC, the good esthetics, and the ease of chair-side application in addition to the acceptable durability of these restorations have led to its high popularity in recent decades. Durability of dental composite restorations is influenced by multiple factors, some are related to materials composition such as resin matrix, filler type, and filler loading and others are related to the technique and surrounding environment in which the material is functioning, and recurrent decay could be an additional contributing factor to composite failure [1-8]. Methods: Two nano-composite materials were investigated (Filtek Z350 and Tetric N Ceram). Composite bars (n=15) were prepared from each material using Teflon mold with the dimensions of (2 x 2 x 25 mm). Samples from each material were randomly subdivided into three groups according to storage condition (dry, distilled water, and thermo-cycled). Flexure test was performed under a load of 2 KN at a cross head speed of 0.25 mm/ min in a universal testing machine.

Suspected Allergic Reaction in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)

Over the course of several years, three members of a Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) group showed periodical bouts of pruritus and dermatological lesions. The affected animals were a 25-year-old cow and her 5 and 7-year-old offspring, all housed in a mixed indoor/outdoor facility. The signs were first noted in 2005 and escalated over time until 2012, when a final diagnosis of the problem was attempted. Diagnostic tests included blood analysis and skin biopsies, swab microbiological cultures from the wheals, intradermal tests and response to treatment with corticosteroids. Clinical picture and histopathological findings, as well as response to methylprednisolone, were considered compatible with an allergic dermatitis.